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Managing the Blog:

Editing Existing Posts

To edit existing posts on the site, from the Wix Dashboard, click on the Blog (Old) menu item in the left hand menu. This will show you a list of all the blog content on the site.

From this view, you can see at a glance what posts have been published (and are visible to the public) and what posts are still in draft (and not visible to the public).

To limit the type of posts shown to only show announcements, music blog posts, or sermons, you can click on the All categories drop down list to choose a single category to view:

Category Switch.png

To edit an existing post, hover over the post to reveal additional options. Click on the Edit button:


The content editing view for the post will be displayed. Here you can modify the title and content of the post as well as the category, author, and related posts.

When you are done making your edits, either click the Publish Post button to make it live on the site immediately or the Save as Draft button to come back to it later.

Blog Documentation

We use the blog feature on Wix to manage announcements, music blog posts, and sermons on the site. Posts are shown on their respective pages by selecting the appropriate category option.

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