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Managing Blog Posts:

Adding New Posts

To add a new post to the site, from the Wix Dashboard, click on the Blog (Old) menu item in the left hand menu. This will show you a list of all the blog content on the site.

Click on the New Post button in the upper right hand corner. This will display the content editing view. Content can be typed into the main body area or copied from an existing document.


Below the title for the post, you may want to modify the following settings:

Date: The date setting will be used for the order in which the post appears on the main Announcements, Music Blog, or Sermons page.


Author Name (optional): Each post can be associated with an individual author. We use authors to separate sermons based on priest.

Category Settings

Since we are using a single blog to manage all announcements, music blog posts, and sermons, it's important the correct category is applied to each post.


To set the category, click on the Categories option in the right hand column next to Tags while adding or editing any post:

Category Settings.png

Posts can be added to multiple categories but it's important to associate a post with at least one category. Posts that do not have a category will cannot be shown on the site.

Blog Documentation

We use the blog feature on Wix to manage announcements, music blog posts, and sermons on the site. Posts are shown on their respective pages by selecting the appropriate category option.

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