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Managing the Blog:

Working with Text and Images

Text Formatting Options

Additional text formatting options are displayed if you select any of text with even more options displayed if you click the More link:

Formatting Options.png
Adding Images

To add an image to your post, click on the Image button in the top menu:

Add Image.png

A list of all the already uploaded images will be displayed.

To insert an existing image, click on the thumbnail and then click on the Apply button.

To add a new image, click on the Upload Images button to select an image from your computer. Once it's uploaded, follow the same process as selecting an existing image.

Once an image has been added to your post, additional options are available if you click on the image itself:

Image Options.png

Blog Documentation

We use the blog feature on Wix to manage announcements, music blog posts, and sermons on the site. Posts are shown on their respective pages by selecting the appropriate category option.

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