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An Inclusive Parish of the  Episcopal Church

in the Anglo-Catholic Tradition

Worship With Us

To be a member of Church of the Advent is to be a part of a worshiping community. Worship is the central purpose of the life of our parish, and we've maintained a strong liturgical tradition in our 150-year history. Daily worship is a central experience that binds us as a catholic Christian community. Liturgies are conducted according to the 1979 Book of Common Prayer using Rite 2. We gather daily to celebrate Mass on a schedule to fit the diverse needs of the community in which we live. Sunday Masses are a joyous celebration of the Resurrection of our Savior.


We invite you to make daily worship a part of your everyday life.


Our Liturgies are all in-person again. The Saturday evening Vigil Latin Mass and Sunday morning High Mass are also live-streamed. Please click below for the full schedule and the link to Facebook live. Downloadable PDF service sheets are also posted there.

How We Worship

The style of worship at Church of the Advent is an expression of our Anglo-Catholic heritage. Our Solemn Mass service is a rich celebration filled with color, light, music, movement and incense. 

Latin Chant Mass

 The Latin Vigil Mass at Church of the Advent provides a contemplative alternative to the more active styles of worship which have been emphasized in the Episcopal Church in recent decades, and also continues a little-known strand in the Anglican tradition.

Church Entrance

261 Fell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

Mailing Address/Church Office

162 Hickory Street

San Francisco, CA 94102



Directions from Anywhere

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